News Sharing the ChangeFest21 report and progress to ChangeFest22

October 25, 2021

We hope you are all keeping well in these uncertain times. We feel extremely fortunate that ChangeFest 21 was able to take place on Larrakia country in June – a window of opportunity within this ongoing pandemic.

We write to share how we are learning from ChangeFest21 and continuing the journey to ChangeFest22 in Tasmania.


Firstly, a significant ChangeFest announcement. On 30 September, Pippa Bailey’s contract as ChangeFest Director and Producer concluded. From starting with ChangeFest 19 in Mount Druitt, through ChangeFest on the Road during 2020, and on to ChangeFest21 in Palmerston, Pippa brought immense energy, passion and commitment to the role holding strongly to the principle of centring First Nations and community voice and perspective.

ChangeFest holds all the complexities and competing commitments that place-based work does – requiring constant iteration, engagement across diverse stakeholders and adapting to the changing context. The commitment to First Nations and community voice, and creativity that Pippa brought to the Director role will not be lost as ChangeFest continues on its journey to Tasmania and beyond. We thank Pippa for the significant contribution she has made to ChangeFest. We know her work as a change agent will continue and wish her well.


In continuing that acknowledgement, we are very excited to present the ChangeFest21 Co-Directors Report from Pippa Bailey and Romana Paulson. This Report highlights the process of producing ChangeFest21 and the learnings and insights gained.

> Download the ChangeFest21 Co-Directors Report 


The ChangeFest21 evaluation is well underway, with data being gathered and coded from sessions with the ChangeFest21 hosts – Palmerston Indigenous Network – along with surveys, recorded interviews and social media from participants. We thank Kowa, NCIE and Blak Impact and CFI  for holding the evaluation process. 

We are excited to announce that three artworks are being created by Larrika, Babaayn and Warril Yari-Go Karulbo artists to illustrate the ChangeFest purpose, journey and impact.  

To help build a fuller picture of ChangeFest’s impact, please complete this post-ChangeFest participant survey by Friday 29th October.  We look forward to sharing the evaluation report here in November.

Next steps

The next few months for ChangeFest are ones of reflection and planning.  The National Conveners will be focusing on:

  • the evaluation process – continuing to seek guidance and advice from the Palmerston Indigenous Network on the key learnings and insights that are emerging from the data.
  • shared reflection processes – we are looking forward to being together soon with Elders from Larrakia, Babaayn and Warril Yari-Go Karulbo will come together with the National Conveners to review the evaluation, continue to iterate the ChangeFest statement and provide advice and guidance on the governance and leadership of ChangeFest going forward.
  • planning processes for ChangeFest22 – we are excited to have started building relationships and planning with George Town in Tasmania to begin planning for ChangeFest22. Expect a ‘hold this date’ to arrive in your inbox shortly.


With thanks,

ChangeFest National Conveners