About CF24

Rivers of Change: people, places and possibilities.

Our theme of Rivers of Change reflects the place in which we gather, in which two rivers flow alongside each other before converging to create a powerful source of life. ChangeFest24 is about coming together from different places and different perspectives to create something more powerful together. Like merging rivers, ChangeFest24 centres on aspects of community-led change that when combined, create more equitable places and systems.

ChangeFest24 is an opportunity to engage with unique local Mildura experiences on Latji Latji Country including cultural gatherings; site visits; and local arts and culture all while we gather on the banks of the beautiful and symbolic Murray River. ChangeFest24 is hosted by the local community in partnership with Hands Up Mallee, Connected Beginnings Mildura, with Collaboration for Impact.

The ChangeFest24 video features a Welcome to Country from Coby Peterson (Latji Latji Traditional Owner), an Acknowledgement of Country from Uncle Warren Clark (Barkindji Elder) and a warm message from Aunty Jemmes Handy to those attending ChangeFest24 Mildura. Also featured in the video is the ChangeFest local community and elders action team, Connected Beginnings and Hands Up Mallee team members.

About CF24 Local Hosts

Our CF24 local hosts, Hands Up Mallee and Connected Beginnings Mildura, are deeply experienced leaders for community-led place-based change in Australia and globally.

“We are excited to invite changemakers from around the country to gather with our community to share, learn and celebrate change on the banks of the Murray River.

ChangeFest24 is an opportunity for vital conversations about the ways of working needed to create changes alongside the community and for us to showcase the incredible work of our community in the beautiful place where we work, live and play.

Working together, we want ChangeFest24 to engage the national movement in conversations about what it takes to do this work and where to next for community-led, place-based change in Australia.”

Hands Up Mallee

Hands Up Mallee (HUM) is one of 10 Stronger Places Stronger People community-led collective impact initiatives, based in Victoria’s Northern Mallee region. Community members came together to create HUM due to a growing awareness of increasing inequity in our community and a desire to take effective action with a place-based and community-led focus. To meet this goal, the HUM Collective takes a place-based approach, centring our community’s voice, needs and aspirations.

Hands Up Mallee brings together community members and partners from local services, businesses, philanthropy, and government to understand community voices, regionally relevant data, and current evidence-based research. As a collective, we work to design, test and improve action focused on addressing social inequity and improving health and well-being outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Connected Beginnings Mildura

Connected Beginnings Mildura Connected Beginnings draws upon the strength and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities. The aim is to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s and families’ engagement with health and early childhood education and care. It improves access to existing early childhood, maternal and child health, and family support services so children are safe, healthy and ready to thrive at school by the age of five. The Mildura Connected Beginnings Team takes a holistic family as a whole approach, where every child feels loved and safe.

About CF24 Local Artist Hope Kuchel

“I believe it’s important to maintain connections with not only your community but the ones you are guests on.”

I am a proud Barkindji woman raised on Latji Latji Country in Mildura. I’ve always participated in community events whether that be cultural workshops, gatherings and advocated for our community in Mildura.

This artwork presents a vibrant and rich image of the Mildura town and its community identity. The backdrop, in beautiful orange and yellow colours, symbolises the natural landscape of the region, while the recurrent pattern signifies a weaving of Aboriginal culture and community (inspired by the weaving I do on top of drawing/painting).

About ChangeFest

ChangeFest is the nation-wide movement for community-led place-based change in Australia. The movement gathers annually to celebrate, learn and demonstrate how diverse communities are encouraging cross sector collaboration, meaningful engagement, and centring the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and community as a vital pathway in transformative change.

Read the ChangeFest Statement

An outcome of the 2018 ChangeFestevent is the ChangeFest Statement – a declaration that unites and directs the efforts of all communities that believe in the outcome we’re describing. TheChangeFest Movement is focused on communities, their children and intergenerational change, to benefit all Australians.