ChangeFest19 – the event / 20-22 November 2019 / Mt Druitt, NSW

Are you interested in place based social change? Are you committed to making Australia a better place for all citizens?  Are you seeking change in our systems, recognising First Nations first within strong diverse and sustainable communities? Are you ready to celebrate what you have achieved, be motivated about what’s possible and connect with passionate changemakers striving for similar outcomes?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you need to reserve the 20, 21 and 22 of November in your schedule and make plans to be at ChangeFest19 in Mount Druitt, NSW.

The inaugural ChangeFest18 event in Logan, Queensland gathered communities to celebrate the new energies and success stories taking place in place based social change from all over Australia. Many lessons were shared and learnt. The Mount Druitt community have put up their hand to host the 2019 event and continue this urgent work.

Mount Druitt is a richly diverse community, home to the largest Indigenous population in metropolitan Australia. Mt Druitt is also home to some groundbreaking, thriving community projects. They are inviting you to visit and experience all they have to offer.  

Here are a few of the places and people you can meet:

Baabayn Community

Jesuit Social Services

The Hive

The theme of ChangeFest19

Walk with us – Making Change Together

What to Expect at ChangeFest

At ChangeFest you will find tools you can put into practice as soon as you get back to your place.

At ChangeFest you will find a gathering of people, just like you, intent on working at the local level for impact.

At ChangeFest you will have the chance to practice and test out ideas with fellow citizens, colleagues and leaders.

At ChangeFest you will find new lenses to see the impact you are making and the greater change we can all make into the future.

Some other good things to know

This event is an annual milestone on a longer journey and a growing movement. 

Our aim remains simple

For every Australian and their community to thrive, structures need to change, everyday miracles need to be amplified and people need to come together to dream. There are many pathways into this national movement so we can practise a new talk together. Everyone is welcome to join us.

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