Welcome to ChangeFest

The national celebration of place based social change.

Do you want a more inclusive, fairer, sustainable Australia?

ChangeFest is a gathering of people intent on making change in their communities. It’s a dynamic opportunity to learn, plan, collaborate and progress you and your community’s agenda for change.

You are invited to join in a movement intent on changing the systems that hold disadvantage in place.

Come to ChangeFest and add your voice, your ideas and learn from one another.

ChangeFest 19 happens on 20-22 November in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney.


At ChangeFest you will find tools you can put into practice as soon as you get back to your place.

At ChangeFest you will find a gathering of people, just like you, intent on working at the local level for impact.

At ChangeFest you will have the chance to practice and test out ideas with fellow citizens, colleagues and leaders.

At ChangeFest you will find new lenses to see the impact you are making and the greater change we can all make into the future.