News Does your community want to host ChangeFest?

April 13, 2024

We are excited to announce that the process for CF25 and CF26 community hosts is now open.

As we’ve just heard and experienced across Changefest24, the country-wide ChangeFest movement is underpinned by a deep current of connecting songlines. These songlines grow in depth and connection across each year. Starting from Logan to Mt Druitt to Palmerston – Tasmania – Mildura and now planning for future ChangeFest events is underway.

We have designed a participatory and learning-centred process for deciding the next host communities, providing opportunities for interested communities to engage directly before making final decisions.  ​

If you are interested – contact us for a discussion on – we can then provide you with additional information and support through the process. Some of the things you might want to start considering are:

  • Why your community wants to host the national ChangeFest movement for a ChangeFest event;
  • How the principles of the ChangeFest Statement apply to the story of your community;
  • Local authorisation including from First Nations leadership; and
  • The capacity of your community to host up to 500 people for a 3-day event.

This is a collaboration and a learning partnership with Collaboration for Impact (national backbone) and the ChangeFest Elders Group. We are looking for diverse communities, big, small, regional, urban. Your work may not have significant levels of funding but is rich in relationships and collaboration across the community.

We are also looking ahead to future years – 2025, 2026 and even beyond – so that future host communities can be in a supported network together to learn and prepare for the role of the local host.

Please get in touch to start the conversation