News What can you expect at ChangeFest 19?

October 20, 2019

Last year Logan Together set a high bar with a powerful event full of drama and learning. This year will be different. Here are five practical things you need to know:

  1. ChangeFest 19 is happening at Kimberwalli, a new Indigenous Centre of Excellence in Mount Druitt. NSW Aboriginal Affairs have transformed part of the old Whalan High School and the old blonde brick 1970’s buildings have become a tasteful oasis for learning. ChangeFest is helping the Kimberwalli team test the site for large events so this is a first.
  2. Some of the ChangeFest action will take place outside in a lovely tree lined space and some of it will take place inside the renovated buildings. You will be able to make choices about which sessions you attend.
  3. ChangeFest 19 is happening in the heart of Western Sydney, and it will be hot. Don’t worry, there will be cool spaces to escape the heat and plenty of water. Please bring a water bottle with you.
  4. ChangeFest aims to be a significantly sustainable event so we are asking change makers to bring your own water bottle, coffee keep cup, hat and sun screen.
  5. Transport is an intetesting challenge in Mount Druitt so we are provding a shuttle bus at the beginning and end of each day to and from Mount Druitt station.
  6. If you plan to drive please note there is plenty of on-street parking around Kimberwalli. There is no parking on site unless you are an Elder or disabled.