ChangeFest is a festival of change, recognising that creativity, surprise and celebration are at the heart of changing our systems and our culture. Local communities lead this process with a strong emphasis on empowering First Nations people. Each ChangeFest event is designed to respect the unique conditions and values of the country on which it is presented. It is focused on solving immediate problems and putting strategy into action by rehearsing new futures while addressing the wicked complex problems that hold inequality in place. This is new practice and a developmental challenge. There are growing demands for Systems Change and this is helping to shape ChangeFest events.

An inspirational festival of Australia-wide change-making efforts was initiated by the ChangeFestfounding partners – Collaboration for Impact, Logan Together, Opportunity Child, and Griffith University – at the inaugural ChangeFestevent held in Logan (Queensland) in November 2018.  More than 600 participants committed to building a national movement so that individual communities can become directly involved in identifying, planning, funding, implementing and evaluating the services they need. Communities decide what works and what is best for them. They also have a choice to opt-in.

At the heart of this original collaboration emerged a commitment to remind Governments, businesses and fellow citizens that First Peoples, who have layered a culture-of-place in hundreds of communities over thousands of years, have been confronted with and persecuted by different ways of doing in the recent creation of Australia as a nation and that the rest of Australia need to reimagine the relationship they have with the country’s oldest citizens.

An outcome of the 2018 ChangeFest event is the ChangeFestStatement– a declaration that unites and directs the efforts of all communities that believe in the outcome we’re describing. TheChangeFestMovement is focused on communities, their children and intergenerational change, to benefit all Australians.

ChangeFest 19 was interrupted by the Sydney fires in what became an unprecedented summer and brought Climate Change to the centre of ChangeFest, complementing the commitment to First Nations.

In 2020 new convening partners have joined Collaboration for Impact. They are the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, Health Justice Australia, and the Institute of Human Security and Social Change at LaTrobe University.

What to Expect at a ChangeFest event

At ChangeFest you will find a gathering of people, just like you, intent on working at the local level for impact.

At ChangeFest you will find tools you can put into practice as soon as you get back to your place.

At ChangeFest you will have the chance to practice and test new ideas with fellow citizens, colleagues and leaders.

At ChangeFest you will find new lenses to see the impact you are making and the greater change we can all make into the future.

Some other good things to know

This event is an annual milestone on a longer journey and a growing movement. 

Our aim remains simple

For every Australian and their community to thrive, structures need to change, everyday miracles need to be amplified and people need to come together to dream. There are many pathways into this national movement so we can practise a new talk together. Everyone is welcome to join us.