News ChangeFest on the Road: Place Based Social Change that Centres First Nations Perspectives, Nowra

March 25, 2021
Please register on Humantix to obtain your ticket which will be needed for entry:
This is a one-day facilitated event. It is designed to identify local community priorities and develop collaborative solutions that address systemic challenges and work for all. Representatives from across the region are being invited to join in a constructive day of dialogue and decision making. We will gather, meet, share, learn, discuss, propose, and commit to working together to make our region better for everyone living in it. This event is creating a space for community conversations to be had. The content of the conversations will be decided by the attendees on the day. Attendees will share their perspectives on what the priorities are in the region, they will come up with ideas for proposed solutions to challenges, and they will explore ways of collaborating to bring about positive change.
It is important for us as community members to come together and share our perspectives and define our priorities. We believe that as a community, working together, we have all the assets and strengths we need to address the challenges that face us. This meeting/workshop is an opportunity to start a conversation and commit to collaborations that can energise us to take communal responsibility and collective action. Let’s build on our strong foundations, centre First Nations perspectives, and create a region where everyone can flourish and thrive.
Nowra School of Arts, 12 Berry St, Nowra.
9am to 5pm, Friday 16th April 2021.
Community members and representatives from organisations working in the region including: Waminda, Native Foodways, National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA), Collaboration for Impact and many more. Registration is essential. Tickets will be checked at the door and attendees will be capped at 80 people. We are aiming to have a diverse cross-section of the community that can represent as many perspectives as possible.
The day will be a facilitated series of sessions designed to strengthen local connections, surface local needs, create local solutions, and commit to local collaboration.